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“One ruler, Two abilities” --- Service Promotion Conference hold in Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center

Apr 02, 2021
On March 22nd, when exhibition centers across the country welcome the peak time of the year, a meeting for improving services is held in Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center. General Manager Xiao Jiahu delivered a speech with a title of “one ruler, two abilities” in the meeting.
"One ruler" refers to that customer satisfaction is the ruler for testing service quality, and the ruler for evaluating the right and wrong of our service.
Xiao emphasized that we need to prioritize customer satisfaction as well as the company’s safety production. Project Managers of each exhibition are in charge of service quality, and as the Chief Quality Officer. Customer satisfaction is not empty talk but with specific measures.
During the exhibition, Project Manager is the commander of the exhibition and has full authorization of General Manager. Project Manager and the person in charge of the various modules on the site are granted the decision-making power to deal with problems flexibly from the customer's point of view. In the case of adhering to the safety principle and for the satisfaction of customer service, even if there is an error in the work, the company and General Manager will bear the responsibility.
The on-site work of the exhibition is based on customer satisfaction. Anything that can satisfy customers, the on-site personnel must take the initiative and dare to act. Internal systems and processes should give way to customer satisfaction, and all internal systems and processes that are not conducive to improving customer satisfaction must be adjusted.
“Two abilities" means that service personnel at all levels should have a warm service and quick service responses.
The warmth of service means to stand on customer’s sides and think for them, and to pay attention to details, and to be enthusiastic.
During the exhibition, the working hours are very tight, and the service response speed shall hence be fast. This requires that each service module must have sufficient plans and preparations, on-site personnel training must be in place, and the Project Manager and each module leader must coordinate effectively.

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