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Adhere to the "Four Basic Principles" of service, improve the service level of the exhibition center-- Nanchang Greenland International Expo Centre he


In order to improve the service level of the exhibition center and enhance the service awareness of the staff, a training session on service system for all staffs held in Nanchang Greenland International Expo Centre on 5th, May. The conference was mainly focus on the framework of the exhibition acceptance service system and the responsibilities of each onsite service team. At the conference, Xiaojiahu, the General Manager, pointed out that Greenland International Expo Center is the first convention center which was built and put into operation by Greenland Group. In order to become the name card and benchmark of Greenland Convention, it should take providing excellent service as priority, and put forward "four basic principles" as a service guideline, request the exhibition center to implement it.

Firstly, the principle of quality service. Customer first, customer satisfaction is the highest rule and evaluation standard of quality service, zero tolerance for any service complaints, and investigate for any complaint.

Secondly, principles of unified management and command. During the exhibition, the project manager is the highest leader, and all employees should obey the management. Outsourcing services will also be integrated into unified management, and service standards will not be reduced. To carry out the exhibition service with the "one family" principle.

Thirdly, the principle of safety first. Safety is the bottom line, make sure there is no accident.Violation of safety instructions and potential safety hazards can be reported by passing the immediate leadership;The increase in safety measures will not be compromised.

Fourthly, The principle of never saying "no" to a customer. The request of customer is the requirement of our business. In addition to security violations, the request of customer should be "responsive" and adhere to the principle of "accountability first".



After then, Li Yingguang ,Director of Operations, gave a lecture on the framework of the service system, the leaders of each group made a detailed explanation of the specific job responsibilities of the group.

Set sail in April, act in May, Greenland International Expo Center will meet the challenge with a brand new look!

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