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June Corporate Culture Development Journal | Warming Hearts, Bringing People Together, and Building Unity for Progress


In June, a month filled with vibrant colors, amid the busy exhibition schedule, the company actively planned and organized a series of diverse, healthy, and uplifting corporate culture activities. These activities took place during the midsummer season, fostering a sense of unity and generating strength for the journey ahead.

Guiding High School Examinees

June is the season of exams, with the annual college entrance exams and high school graduation exams taking place. Ahead of these important exams, the Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center took action to support its employees’ children with their high school examinees. Paid leave was arranged for employees who had family members taking exams, ensuring they could accompany their loved ones with peace of mind. General Manager Tiger Xiao personally wrote a letter to the examinees, encouraging them with the message "Youth is priceless, and the pursuit of your dreams is the most beautiful endeavor." He extended his best wishes to the examinees, hoping they would achieve excellent results. The company also thoughtfully prepared "lucky koi" stationery sets for the examinees.

Celebrating Employee Birthdays Together

A year with one celebration, and an inch of joy accumulates. In the midst of June's summer, the company held a joyful second-quarter employee birthday celebration.

Laughter filled the air as everyone sang a birthday song together and shared a sweet cake. The birthday celebrants wrote down their aspirations, their smiles radiating warmth and happiness as they celebrated the occasion.

With each day comes good fortune, and with each year comes the essence of life. The company, through the warm and unifying atmosphere of the collective birthday celebration, expressed its care for each and every employee. Best wishes to all the birthday celebrants!