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The 35th China Energy-Saving Green Wall Roofing Industry Exhibition Kicks Off!

The 35th China Energy-Saving Green Wall Roofing Industry Exhibition, hosted by the China Brick and Tile Industry Association, is being held at Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center from September 25 to 27. With the theme of "promoting better industry environment and building better product brands", the Exhibition is guided by the national industrial policy and the guidance catalogue of industrial structure adjustment, driven by the supply-side structural reform of brick and tile industry, and upgrading of environmental protection industries; the Exhibition aims to promote the extension of green energy-saving wall roofing materials to energy-saving buildings, green buildings, ecological buildings and assembly buildings.


      The 35-year development of China's energy-saving green wall roofing industry Exhibition has witnessed all innovation and upgrading of China's brick and tile equipment. The Exhibition will focus on “peaking carbon emissions” and “carbon neutrality” and “carbon emission reduction”, and display new achievements of supply-side structural reform, and exhibit innovative, energy-saving, high-tech brick technology, materials, equipment as well as supporting service and products. With a 15000 m2 exhibition area, the Exhibition gathers a hundred of companies and organizations from wall and roofing industries. During the same period, the 2021 Annual Conference of China Brick Industry Association, the 2021 China (Nanchang) International High-End Forum on High-Quality Brick and Tile Development, and the 2021 China Brick and Mortar Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Forum will be held.


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